Leadership Doctor Approach



Research suggests that in the 21st Century, which is defined by change and continuous evolution, individuals will need evolved skill sets allowing them to quickly learn new technologies;  develop innovative techniques; and cross-function in work teams.

Concurrently, a new crop of leaders is required to manage this change.  Leaders who can commit people to action;  transform followers into leaders;  and convert leaders into agents of change.

This type of paradigm shifting coaching is what defines The Leadership Doctor’s approach to building capacity, increasing efficiency, and achieving results.


“Leadership is a function of knowing and developing oneself; having vision;  using good judgment;  building trust;  getting results, and taking purposeful action to encourage and empower others.” ~S.D. Franklin.


The Leadership Doctor® manages a portfolio of firms operating in the areas of organizational development, brand development, and human capital capacity building.  She has a 30-year history of successfully working with individuals, teams, and organizations to identify problems and create value-based opportunities.

Driven by a sincere desire to acquire and advance knowledge, The Leadership Doctor® is distinguished by her unique ability to quickly process, package, and present data in ways that can be easily understood and executed with excellence.  She has coached, trained, or mentored in excess of 1000 individuals at all stages of development and in a variety of industries.

Whether she is focusing on strategic planning, organizational development, team building, process improvement, leadership development or any other initiative, The Leadership Doctor® is adept at respecting the company’s vision, listening to its culture, and appreciating its capital.